500 tiendas, 500 hechos

500 hechos relacionados con Games Workshop y su universo de juegos.

El pasado sábado 20 de octubre de celebraba la apertura la tienda número 500 de Games Workshop, situada en Hong Kong. Para celebrar la ocasión se vendieron en todas las tiendas dos miniaturas exclusivas para Nighthaunt y Marines espaciales, junto a material promocional de regalo como un pin o tarjetas postales.

Pero además, se publicó en Warhammer Community un listado de 500 hechos relacionados tanto con la empresa y su entorno, como con sus universos de juegos. Si tenéis un rato libre para ir leyéndolos todos no tiene desperdicio, además de cuestiones relacionadas con el trasfondo encontramos información sobre tiendas y hechos curiosos.

Aquí os dejamos un recopilatorio (en inglés) de los puntos dedicados al antiguo Warhammer Fantasy y actual Age of Sigmar, además de pequeñas bromas surgidas del humor inglés que últimamente tanto vemos en la compañía.



5. It is rumoured that Orks and Orruks are coloured green simply because once upon a time, hobby legend Dave Andrews painted one green to see how it looked and everyone liked it.

6. If you say “anything but a 1” before rolling a dice, you have a 74% chance of rolling a 1.

9. The bar in Bugman’s Bar is slightly lower than standard… because it’s a Dwarf pub.

11. The masks worn by Stormcast Eternals are meant to represent the saintly face of Sigmar and were intended to make clear to the citizens of the Mortal Realms that they were saviours, not conquerors.

22. When playing a game, the models you finished painting most recently WILL die first.

29. Aenarion the Defender, the first Phoenix King of Ulthuan and wielder of the Sword of Khaine, slew four Greater Daemons – one dedicated to each of the Chaos Gods – in a single, apocalyptic battle. Though he eventually died from the wounds he sustained in the act, we reckon that’s pretty good going!

30. Thousands of years later, legendary Slayer Gotrek Gurnisson did the same, because no Dwarf was going to fail at something an Elf managed to do.

31. Gotrek asked us to point out that he didn’t have a dragon helping him, so he’s clearly better.

36. If your opponent command re-rolls a 1 into another 1, it is considered good form to buy them a drink.

37.If they do this at least three times in a game, it is polite to get them some new dice.

41. You really can never have enough Agrax Earthshade.

49. The mighty portal that connects the Twin-tailed City of Hammerhal Aqsha and Hammerhal Ghyra is known as the Stormrift Realmgate.

66. The more a Stormcast Eternal is reforged, the more human memories they lose.

67. The first Slann, Kremlo, was revealed in the first Citadel Compendium in 1983. He resembled a giant walking toad and carried a big axe!

68. The original Warhammer isn’t Ghal Maraz, but a sturdy maul carried by an undead-hating Chaos Warrior called Harry the Hammer. Yes, really.

71. It is said that the moustache of Sir Minkel of Marienburg was so long and lustrous that he actually used it to affix himself to his griffon.

73. Ghal Maraz and the Slayer of Kings are probably the oldest weapons in existence. It’s impossible to tell which was forged first back in the world-that-was.

74. In the Mortal Realms, the cycle of day and night is generally determined by the orbits of Hysh – the Realm of Light, and Ulgu – the Realm of Shadow.

98. Vampires of the Mortal Realms drain your soul when they drink your blood – hence the name Soulblight Vampires – and will absorb it entirely if they bleed you dry.

99. A soul absorbed in this manner gives the Vampire a brief rush, but the effects soon pass as the soulstuff burns itself out.

107. The total page count of nearly all codexes, battletomes and rulebooks is a multiple of 8. This is in no way a secret act of worship unto Khorne.

124. When Alarielle the Everqueen flies, her Wardroth Beetle explodes into a million fireflies before coalescing again wherever she lands.

125. Order Battletome: Sylvaneth was the first Warhammer Age of Sigmar battletome to feature a unique lore of magic, allegiance abilities and magic items, and it became the template for future battletomes.

126. Archaon the Everchosen was once a Templar of the Knightly Order of the Twin-tailed Orb – an order devoted to Sigmar in the world-that-was.

127. He was brought up by a local Sigmarite priest after being abandoned by his father. You could say he was the son of a preacher man…

139. There’s a Warhammer rulebook on the Blue Scribes’ Disc of Tzeentch.

141. The Twin-tailed comet is the icon of Sigmar, representing the strange omen that heralded his birth in the world-that-was.

142. Based on all studies, it is 14% easier to stove in the head of an ungor with a battleaxe than it is that of a grot.

148. White Dwarf was named as such due to its name working in both science fiction and fantasy.

156. Boris Goldgather, erstwhile ruler of the Empire in the world-that-was, was so greedy he allowed the city of Marienburg to buy its independence in return for substantial amounts of gold.

157.It was under Boris’ reign that the Empire was decimated by the Black Plague and almost destroyed by a massive Skaven invasion.

158. This, in turn, led to the rise of Mandred Skavenslayer to the Imperial Throne, though his efforts were largely maligned as the Skaven were obviously fanciful fabrications.

166. Games Workshop was nearly called “Games Garage”.

169. It was long thought that the Seraphon were formed of nothing more than star stuff. We recently discovered that there may be more to them than that…

170. Stormcast Eternals are generally seen as the ‘good’ faction of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The Knights Excelsior stretch this definition somewhat.

179. Everything you have been told is a lie.

186. When the world-that-was fell, Archaon wandered the multiverse destroying realities for Chaos before he arrived in the Mortal Realms.

199. While the realmgates are mainly used for travel in the Mortal Realms, there are theories that they are part of a network designed to stabilise the realms and unite them as a single world…

216. The lore in Battletome: Beasts of Chaos was in part inspired by a terrifying encounter at a petting zoo.

255. Malerion gifted Sigmar an arena for his Stormcast Eternals to practice warfare without risking their lives, known as the Gladitorium. Quite why Malerion did this remains a mystery.

258. The Celestant-Prime once smote Torglug the Despised, Lord of Plagues so hard that Torglug’s soul was freed and reforged as Tornus the Redeemed, a Knight-Azyros with a grudge against Nurgle.

259. Tornus has since gathered a brotherhood of similar warriors who’ve had the Chaos hit out of them by the Celestant-Prime and Ghal Maraz.

275. Squig meat tastes like chicken.

276. Strangely, chicken doesn’t taste like squig.

277. Gotrek Gurnisson is either the most or least successful Slayer in history, depending on your perspective.

278. He got so good at not dying that he survived the end of the world-that-was.

279. He’s not very happy about that. Monsters of the Mortal Realms beware…

287. Kairos Fateweaver counted to infinity. Twice.

288. One of his heads started from the beginning, whereas the other started from the end.

295. Sylvaneth Tree-Revenants are thought to resemble ancient protectors of the arboreal homes of the Sylvaneth.

296. If captured by Nagash, Sylvaneth spirits take the form of lamenting, ghostly trees that are scattered across Shyish.

297. Nagash is a just god. Whatever your crime in life, you will suffer in death. For example, Myrmourn Banshees were sorcerers who worked against Nagash in their life – in death, they are forced to painfully consume spells in constant torment.

317. Games Workshop briefly ran a record label called Warhammer Records in the early 1990s.

318. They signed a number of bands including D’Rok, Wraith, Rich Rags and even the mighty Saxon!

323. It is considered impossible to play a full game with a Sylvaneth army without making at least 10 tree puns.

325. The various realmstones of the Mortal Realms are sometimes used as currency.

333. It is said that if you venture into the misty valleys of Ulgu, you can encounter all the loved ones that you’ve lost in your life, but they might try to tear your face off.

334. Who knows what else dwells in the mists of the Realm of Shadows? Morathi, that’s who, but she’s not telling.

359. Nagash invented necromancy after stealing dark magic from the Elves of the world-that-was.

360.Similarly, Neferata created vampires when she attempted to recreate Nagash’s experiments.

368. The Skaven were responsible for the destruction of Nagash’s Black Pyramid, using the forces of Chaos God Nurgle as a distraction.

383. Though he may now be a God-King, Sigmar was once a mortal man.

384. He conquered the twelve tribes of men, forged an Empire, stopped a Chaos invasion, defeated Nagash and saved a Dwarf High King. And that was all before he was 30. What have you done with your life?

385. Many of the deities of the Mortal Realms started out as mortals, though when it comes to Morathi concepts like mortality are a little more… fluid.

386. Gorkamorka was probably always a god – or gods, it’s hard to tell.

387. Think round bases are a new thing for Warhammer Age of Sigmar? Night Goblin Fanatics, Mangler Squigs and Thorek Ironbrow all had round bases even when all others were square!

398. In the world-that-was, Malekith spent 10,000 years trying to reclaim the throne of Ulthuan after being cast out of the Flame of Asuryan. Turns out, he was the rightful Phoenix King all along.

399. Morathi is reputed to have looked long and hard at him and said “Well, I told you so”.

425. Sigmar can resolve all of his problems by opening new Chambers.

436. The manager of the Salzburg store is named Karl Franz. No relation.

441. There are no substantiated accounts of anyone ever walking into a Games Workshop to “just buy a pot of paint” and leaving with only a pot of paint.

442. Duncan is contractually obliged to say, “Two thin coats” in every single video he appears in.

467. The Chaos Gods fight amongst themselves, like all siblings, but Khorne and Slaanesh hold a special animosity for one another, as do Nurgle and Tzeentch.

475. The Kharadron Overlords were around in the Mortal Realms long before they made their debut on our gaming tables. As there was little profit to be gained in interceding in the wars against Chaos, they stayed (relatively) safe in the skies.

477. Kairos Fateweaver is known as the Oracle of Tzeentch and sits at his master’s right hand, gibbering prophecies and visions of the future.

478. Nine times nine Lords of Change are tasked with transcribing and interpreting Kairos’ utterances.

480. Since the first Tip of The Day was released, fans have collectively spent 277 years watching videos on our YouTube channel.

481. 3000 days of that time have been spent watching Duncan paint Archaon.

484. Festus the Leechlord was once a doctor dedicated to fighting disease. Nurgle has a delicious sense of irony.

485. Thostos Bladestorm, Lord-Celestant of the Bladestorms of the Celestial Vindicators, was transmuted into living sigmarite by the attentions of a Mutalith Vortex Beast during the events of the Quest for Ghal Maraz.

486. Not even The Blue Scribes have read this far.

487. Though if they had, they would read that their names are palindromes of one another – P’tarix and Xirat’p.

488. Stormhosts are forged from kindred souls, whilst they may not have known one another in their previous lives they are now brothers and sisters in arms.

489. The Celestial Vindicators, for example, were forged of implacable heroes plucked from the most war-torn regions who fell fighting the forces of Chaos and are reborn with a burning hatred for the servants of the Dark Gods.

490. Nagash is all, and all is Nagash.

491. Each Stormhost has a mausoleum, a place for reflection and remembering their mortal lives. Their deeds are recounted there so that even if the Stormcast Eternals forget, they will always be remembered.

492. The Hallowed Knights mausoleum is the Sepulchre of the Faithful.

498. Anyone claiming that they know all the facts about Warhammer is wrong.

499. Except Tzeentch. Obviously.

500. There’s more to life than Warhammer, but none of it is quite as fun.


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